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MG TD 2000 Vintage Car
  • MG TD 2000 Vintage Car

    The TD2000 is a retro-classic roadster styled after the MG TD. 

    A brand new motor straight from the showroom may look shiny, but no one's going to pay any attention to it when it's sitting in your front drive. Vintage cars, on the other hand, have a character about them that draws people in. Everyone gets mesmerised when they see a golden oldie gleaming in front of them, and you'll find a lot more neighbours will stop to chat if you've got a conversation magnet like that in front of your house. This car come with the engine of 2.0cc engine(Engine type level same with Toyata Camry) that can bring you go further and safe.


    The prices given is for a lowest package, for more information please whatsapp us at +60126280701 / +60122970974 for package details.


    Just click the link whatsapp.


    The deal package inclusived with Car, Chauffeur, Reasonable Decoration, Fuel & Toll. (T & C applied).


    Secure your booking with additional discount upon confirmation.



      Color: Blue
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